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Samba start / restart error: smbd_open_once_socket: open_socket_in: Addr

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Once I have got this problem with samba in Oracle Linux 6 (the same I could reproduce in RedHat 6 as well):

On start or restart of smb service var/log/samba/log.smbd reports:
smbd/server.c:501(smbd_open_one_socket) smbd_open_once_socket: open_socket_in: Address already in use

The solution was:
sysctl net.ipv6.bindv6only=1

as it looks like the problem happens on systems which IPv6 support where :: also listens for IPv4 connections. So the bind to fails.

Mac OS, MySQL: No such file or directory (trying to connect via unix:///

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Error on attempt to connect locally to MySQL server DB with PHP on MacOS X Lion 10.7:

No such file or directory (trying to connect via unix:///var/mysql/mysql.sock)

Solution 1:

instead of localhost use
mysql_connect ('', $user, $password);

Solution 2:

In /etc/php.ini change
pdo_mysql.default_socket = /var/mysql/mysql.sock
mysql.default_socket = /var/mysql/mysql.sock
mysqli.default_socket = /var/mysql/mysql.sock

pdo_mysql.default_socket = /tmp/mysql.sock
mysql.default_socket = /tmp/mysql.sock
mysqli.default_socket = /tmp/mysql.sock

Do not forget to restart Apache after update :-)

FYI: If no /etc/php.ini found just copy /etc/php.ini.default to /etc/php.ini

MySQL: ERROR 2006 (HY000) at line: ### MySQL server has gone away

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In case of MySQL error 2006 (HY000) at line: ### MySQL server has gone away which may occur while restoring a big DB dump just add (or increase, if exists) max_allowed_packet parameter of MySQL config (usually in /etc/my.cnf).

For example:

And do not forget to restart MySQL server :-)

Uncaught exception 'Zend_Mail_Transport_Exception' with message 'Unable

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Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Zend_Mail_Transport_Exception' with message 'Unable to send mail. ' in /.........../Zend/Zend/Mail/Transport/Sendmail.php:137

Postfix is running, PHP can connect to Postfix.

We have got In Apache error_log:
postdrop: warning: uid=48: File too large


The default max message size for Postfix is 10240000 bytes. Thus we do:
% /usr/sbin/postconf -e message_size_limit=XXXXXXXXXXX

where XXXXXXXXXX is the new limit.

And then restart Postfix.

FYI: Related issues:

The the default value for a mailbox size according to Postfix is 51200000 bytes. It may be changed like this:
% postconf -e mailbox_size_limit=0

And then restart Postfix.

The settings for all the size related parameters (in main.cf) can be listed like this:
# postconf -d | grep size

Sample output:
berkeley_db_create_buffer_size = 16777216
berkeley_db_read_buffer_size = 131072
body_checks_size_limit = 51200
bounce_size_limit = 50000
header_size_limit = 102400
mailbox_size_limit = 51200000
message_size_limit = 10240000

Voila !

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